PLANT STALL - Exeter Markets Saturday, 7 November

Plants potted up by club members for the Garden Ramble will now be on sale at the markets.



Tree Planting

A ceremonial planting of 50 trees plus one at the Bundanoon Club will be held to mark the 50 year anniversary of the Bundanoon Garden Club. The 50 casuarinas were kindly donated by the National Parks and Wildlife through the good offices of Pat Hall. The other tree will be one of the Wollemi Pines purchased by the 50th Anniversary Sub-Committee.


Working Bee - Thursday, 17 September, 10 am Bundanoon Club

Planting of 45 of the casuarinas. It won’t be strenuous, as the trees are tube-stock, but you can dig a few small holes, pop a plant in, have a bit of a ‘larf’ and a chat (suitably distanced, of course).

Bring your own morning tea or buy a drink at the Club afterwards. Just turn up, with gloves and

trowel (and suitable attire, if you want!), preferably with a face-mask and hand sanitiser, and just go for it.

Ceremonial Planting - Thursday 24 September, 11:30 am Bundanoon Club

Official planting of the remaining 5 trees and the Wollemi Pine.

Foundation Day Event - Thursday 26 November

Opening of the new seat at the Nancy Kingsbury Memorial Park and planting of a Wollemi Pine at the Bundanoon Hotel where it all began!

Garden Party

The Garden Club Committee and the 50th Anniversary Sub-Committee have decided to postpone the Garden Party until 2021, instead of cancelling it altogether. Too much work has been put into organising the Party to have it all not used – and it will be a great celebration anyway.

If you have purchased a ticket you can choose to have a refund or leave the money in the “kitty” for the postponed Party.


Possible Dates:  Saturday 20 March 2021 (the equivalent date to the original Party date) or Saturday 27 November 2021 (equivalent to the postponed date this year).

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