What to plant in Bundanoon…

There are many trees, shrubs, perennials, bulbs & climbers that grow well in our cool climate gardens. Camellias, rhododendron, magnolia, malus, prunus, pyrus, conifers, acers, lilacs, buddleas, hydrangeas, kniphofia, roses, clematis, peonies, iris, lilliums, cyclamen and hellebores are some of the well known ones.

The following is a list of other interesting plants that was compiled by members of the Bundanoon Garden Club. These have been grown successfully in their own gardens.

Our listing of actual species is not exhaustive as often other species and varieties are also suitable. A list of exotic and native plants suitable for the Southern Highlands is printed in the Wingecarribee Tree Book (1995). These plants have all been checked against Wingecarribee Shire Council’s brochure: Environmental Weeds of the Southern Highlands. The brochure lists further species to grow in the Highlands, and also what not to grow. Be wary of growing and self-seeding plants near bushland.

Top Plants For Bundanoon: N = Native and E = Exotic

[gview file=”http://www.bundanoongardenclub.com.au/newsite/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/topplantsforbundanoon.doc”]

Wingecarribee Shire Council also offer their ”Plant Guide To The Southern Highlands” page where a booklet produced by  The Nursery and Garden Industry of NSW and ACT called ”Grow Me Instead” offers information on the planting of local natives and links to informative websites.

Another useful reference is Deirdre Hill’ s book – “Gardening in the Southern Highlands”.