Nancy Kingsbury Memorial Park

The Nancy Kingsbury Memorial Park Management Plan

The Nancy Kingsbury Memorial Park (the Park) is a memorial Garden situated in Anzac Parade Bundanoon, adjacent to the Bundanoon Police Station.

The land was donated by William and Minnie Beatrice Kingsbury in perpetuity and in memory of their daughter Nancy Margaret Kingsbury.

Nancy was born on 11 August 1925.

Nancy and her family were living in Sydney when she developed asthma at the age of three and by the time she was six, doctors recommended a change of climate to benefit her health and wellbeing.

The Kingsbury family moved to Bundanoon and when Nancy died in 1960 at the age of 35, they felt that a Memorial Park in her name would mean that a part of Nancy would be remain in Bundanoon.

The Bundanoon Beautification Society, later known as the Bundanoon Garden Club Inc., was delegated management of this Park by the Wingecarribbee Shire Council in 2001. The Bundanoon Beautification Society developed the garden in an English style reflecting gardens in Bundanoon and the Southern Highlands at the time of Nancy’s life.

Objectives and Goals
The Park is the responsibility of the Bundanoon Garden Club Inc. The Park objectives and goals must align with the Garden Club’s goals of friendship and gardening.

The Park should be very well maintained and it should be an inviting and sought after tranquil space for visitors and local residents in the Bundanoon Village.

The Park should provide adequate seating in the sun and shade for the enjoyment of patrons throughout the year.

The plantings must reflect and retain the historical English garden style of the era in which it was established.

A Nancy Kingsbury Park Advisory Group (the Group) will liaise with the Bundanoon Garden Club and the Bundanoon Garden Club Committee to fulfill the management plan.

The Group will consist of a minimum three, maximum five experienced gardeners who are members of the Bundanoon Garden Club and will be elected annually at the Bundanoon Garden Club Annual General Meeting.

The Nancy Kingsbury Park Advisory Group will meet quarterly to decide appropriate plantings and the maintenance requirements including the required timing of the Working Bees. The timing of these activities must consider local events and activities as well as the seasonal appropriateness of plantings and pruning throughout the year.

Plants chosen must be low maintenance, reflect the garden history and style and because of this, the number of native plants should be minimal or excluded.

As the garden is quite shady, careful management and renewal of trees should be considered to ensure that the area remains fit for purpose and not overly shaded by trees.

Working Bees will be designated each year for general maintenance to include pruning, weeding, fertilizing, mulching, plant renewal and maintenance of structures where appropriate.

Lawn mowing and minimal regular maintenance to be outsourced.

This plan was agreed at a General Meeting of the Bundanoon Garden Club in 2017