The Bundanoon Garden Club provides a welcoming platform for those new to the village.

Gardening opens many doors of friendship into this unique village. Whatever your gardening pleasure may be – vegetables, flowering annuals, perennials, bulbs, succulents, orientals or natives;  the Club will provide information and support. It embraces your love of gardening and through our ‘friendship gardens’ opens doors into our wonderful local gardens.

However non gardeners are certainly not excluded, as knowledge can spread and passion for gardening is often quite irresistible!  So come and join us!

Membership Fees

Membership Fees are presently $20.00 per year.   When you join a badge will be issued to you at the next meeting.  It should be worn at meetings and any other official club outings. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OUR MEMBERSHIP FORM (.pdf format)

Bundanoon Garden Club Committee

Our committee is made up of a President, Vice President,  Treasurer  (Public Officer) Secretary and up to 7 Committee Members.  The Committee usually meets on the last Thursday of the month except December. The Annual General Meeting and election of Officers is held on the first Thursday in March each year.  Nomination forms will be available at our November and February meetings or online. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE NOMINATION FORM (.pdf format)


The Club relies on the kindness of our members as volunteers. Volunteers might like to help in the kitchen,  providing something for morning tea, assist on the trade table, library, welcome table or possibly helping out with arranging the tables and chairs. As a new member volunteering is a great way to get to know people.